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Publix Extra Savings Portal

Anne Schmidt Co partnered with our friends at Dot Think Design to create a more efficient, cloud-based platform to help Publix Supermarkets manage its complex shopper marketing program. The site allows Publix suppliers to customize and submit promotion campaigns, with suggestions based on their objectives and Publix themes and guidelines. Publix partner Promopoint Marketing can then view supplier requests, streamline reviews, and synchronize weekly offers for Publix shoppers.

We built the site using Laravel PHP framework for secure, feature-rich collaboration, with integrated communication via SendGrid. We then created custom AWS hosting to ensure the site could handle large amounts of promotion requests and data.

Throughout design and development, we continually gathered feedback from users for new feature iterations and testing throughout functionality. By making the process transparent and efficient, we’ve empowered all parties to focus on what truly matters: building compelling campaigns that bring value to everyone in the Publix ecosystem.

Read more about the project from Dot Think Design

Project Highlights

  • Laravel PHP framework
  • Custom AWS hosting
  • SendGrid CRM

Designed By

Website design by Dot Think Design and Anne Schmidt Co

Publix Extra Savings Portal Publix Extra Savings Portal Publix Extra Savings Portal Publix Extra Savings Portal Publix Extra Savings Portal

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